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Build your empire and struggle for supremacy


  • Troop production is the fastest in the early stage of the game.
  • Teutons are the most aggressive tribe and experienced raiders.
  • Best for aggressive players at the beginning and end of the game.


  • Romans are great builders and can spread rapidly.
  • Considered the elite of the game, each Roman unit has its own strength.
  • Romans have both, good offensive and defensive capacities.


  • Gauls are great for defensive players.
  • The Gallic cavalry is the fastest in the game and offers many strategic options.
  • Gauls are the most peaceful tribe and offer players an easy entry.


The multi-player strategy game

Travian is an award-winning, international strategy game. Start off as the chief of your little village, expand your empire, lead wars or trade with your neighbors peacefully. Fight your way to the top alongside your allies.

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